We all know the importance of super. Messenger Zerner can help you manage your superannuation affairs, giving you access to a variety of benefits, and providing you with the expertise to avoid the pitfalls.

What we do?

If you want to enjoy the benefits of running your Self Managed Super Fund, without worrying about the day to day administration - then our service will provide the best solution. We detail below some of the ways that we can simplify the running of your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

1. SMSF Establishment

We handle all aspects of establishing your Self Managed Superannuation Fund, including:

  • Establishment of complying Trust Deeds for new funds
  • Minutes and associated documentation relating to the establishment
  • Application for Tax File Number and Australian Business Number
  • All aspects of transferring records from an existing superannuation fund administrator

2. Compliance

We are able to advise trustees on any compliance issues eg: inappropriate payment of member benefits.

Ultimately you, as Trustees, are responsible for the complying status of the fund, however we work closely with you to prevent any compliance breaches occurring.

We can handle all of the accounting required for your superannuation fund, including:

  • Maintaining detailed capital gains tax records and membership records.
  • Preparation of BAS & PAYG Payment Summaries
  • Preparation of the annual tax returns, regulatory documentation, minutes and associated documentation.

3. SMSF Mail House

Many of our clients told us of the burden of receiving the voluminous amounts of share registry communications across the financial year.  This became a particular problem when our clients took extended vacations or overseas trips.  Accordingly we introduced the SMSF Mail House.  It allows for all registry communications to be delivered to our business address, we then on-forward only actionable correspondance to you e.g Share Purchase Plans.  The result is less clutter in the mailbox and ensuring that we have all the required information at our fingertips to enable the preparation of the financials statements at year end.

4. Pension Establishment

We can put you in touch with an advisor to enable the conversion from accumulation to pension mode, including all associated documentation and calculations. We will also arrange an actuarial certification as required.

5. Independent Audit

It is a legal requirement that self managed superannuation funds are audited on an annual basis and we will ensure this is completed on an independent basis.

6. Trust Deed

We utilise the services of specialist Superannuation Lawyers to prepare and amend our clients Trust Deeds.

Where a fund is being transferred to our firm, we can have the trust deed reviewed by a specialist superannuation lawyer to ensure that it is up to date with current legislation and practice.

7. SMSF Health Check

Where clients have an existing self managed fund administered by another provider, we are able to provide a “Health Check” service. The purpose of this is to review the compliance and accounting for your fund, and ensure everything is in order.

Where the funds are found to be in breach of SIS legislation, we are able to provide strategic advice, and undertake the work involved in bringing the fund back in order.

8. SMSF Advice

We will liase with your financial advisor to provide tax advice in the following areas:

  • Contributions Planning – to minimise income tax.
  • Retirement Planning – to transfer business and personal assets into the fund.
  • Death Benefit Nomination forms – to ensure that fund benefits are left to the desired beneficiaries.
  • Tax Strategies – relating to pensions, realisation of capital gains, withdrawals and co contributions.
  • Borrowing Structures – for purchase of fund assets on a geared basis.

9. Salary Sacrifice

We offer tax advice for employees and business owners to minimise tax via salary sacrificing superannuation contributions into self managed or other superannuation funds.

10. Investment Advice

By law we are unable to offer advice on the selection of investments or bank accounts used in the fund. However we are able to refer you to our preferred financial planning firms that can assist you in your investment strategies and management.