Succession Planning and Estate Planning

We can assist family businesses in the smooth transition of the management and ownership to the next generation. This can involve negotiation and mediation between family members as well as ensuring that the capital gains tax, income tax and stamp duty issues are minimised.

If you want your assets distributed to your chosen beneficiaries, then you need an up-to-date will.

We can, in conjunction with a solicitor, assist you in planning the distribution of assets to the appropriate beneficiaries on your death.

Assets are often held in different entities such as companies, trusts and superannuation funds, and it is important that the control and ultimate distribution of these assets are covered in your will. Sometimes the use of testamentary trusts for distribution of income to children under 18 upon a death of a parent or grandparent can result in advantageous tax results.

We can also act as executor in wills or assist family member executors to administer estates in a professional and cost efficient manner.

As part of the process of estate planning it is important to review the ownership of assets to ensure assets are protected from creditors and law suits and family separation claims.

Messenger Zerner can assist in advising in these areas to ensure smooth administration of deceased estates and creditor claims.