The partners and staff of Messenger Zerner are well qualified to conduct audits on your behalf. We have a team which is experienced in many different business and organization types.

Our experience goes beyond the ordinary, encompassing many non-traditional type services such as agreed upon procedures, investigations, internal control and due diligence reviews.

During a time when more and more businesses and organizations are required to conform to stringent legislation and accountability requirements, the role of today's audit has become more onerous and subjective. The integrity of audits and the people who perform them continues to be questioned given the increased number of corporate collapses during the past few years.

Our audit clients include small to medium private companies and groups, schools, grant acquittals, associations, government and semi-government institutions, superannuation funds, and trust accounts of solicitors, accountants, real estate agents and conveyancers, insurance brokers and strata corporations.

We are well informed on the requirements under the Australian Auditing Standards and other professional pronouncements that ensure the performance of a quality and independent audit. We are also aware of and are kept up to date on other legislative requirements that may be unique to a particular business or organization.

Messenger Zerner has over many years built up a solid reputation with its clients.

We continue to build on this strength, with a focus on direct partner involvement, staff continuity, the conduct of efficient and timely audits and the maintaining of a good working relationship with our clients.