Technical Guides

Thinking about your super, your property investments, business structuring, or just wondering if you've got all your bases covered when it comes to tax time? These handy technical guides on all manner of tax and accounting topics provide a great place to start. Still got questions? Give us a call or come in and see us.

1. Tax Effective Financing pdf 99 KB Download Often the most important business decisions are in the area of asset purchase, how they are purchased, the refinancing arrangements for the purchases, and the finance arrangements when assets are sold. 2. Salary Packaging pdf 70 KB Download Salary packaging is a means of obtaining tax benefits for employees without any cost to their employer. These benefits are obtained by employees agreeing to forego some salary and the employer agreeing to pay expenses that would otherwise be payable by the employee from their after-tax income. 3. Tax Investment Advice pdf 83 KB Download If you are an investor in the areas of fixed interest, property or shares, there are many ways to structure transactions to legitimately reduce or defer tax payable. 4. Estate, Asset Protection and Pension Planning pdf 92 KB Download One vital area of family wealth planning is Estate and Asset Protection planning. Most people are keen for their hard-earned assets to remain in the family and not be
diverted elsewhere due to marriage breakdown or other causes. We detail a number of the issues that need to be considered in preparing and reviewing your wills.
5. Superannuation Strategies Pt. 1 pdf 90 KB Download Some tips to maximise the benefits of superannuation. 6. Superannuation Strategies Pt. 2 pdf 269 KB Download Superannuation continues to be an important tax saving strategy that also provides increased investment balances for use in later years of life. Here is a summary of the current opportunities available to minimise tax. 7. Business and Investment Structures pdf 86 KB Download The decision as to what structure to use for the ownership of business or investment assets is an important one that requires detailed consideration. Our technical guide is provided as a guide to the decision making process. 8. Rental Properties pdf 70 KB Download Many taxpayers purchase commercial, industrial or residential properties for investment purposes, and require assistance in preparing income and expense schedules for their tax returns. Our technical guide has some points to consider when purchasing a property for rental.