Individual Tax Return Checklist

Jul 01, 2021

PAYG Summaries       Work Related Expenses, for example  
Pensions or Government Payments       uniform, tools, education, fees etc.  
   / Allowances       Motor Vehicle Expense incl. estimation of  
Dividend Statements         Kilometres if no logbook kept, otherwise   
Interest income from banks and credit        log book and all expenses items  
    unions etc.       Travel Expenses for unreimbursed conferences 
Lump Sum and Termination Payment       or work related trips    
    Summaries       Investment Expenses, for example  
Annual Tax Statements from Managed        bank fees, financial advisor fees,   
    Funds             investment borrowings etc.    
Details of any other income earned, for  Rental Property Expenses, for example  
   example,  business, foreign, employee     rates, body corp fees, agent fees,   
    shares schemes           interest on loans, repairs and maintenance, 
Partnership and Trusts         water rates, depreciation schedule, insurance,
Rental Property Income for example annual     land tax, ESL etc.    
    rental property statement from agent   Cost of managing tax affairs including  
Capital gains records - details of sales and     travel to agent      
    purchases of any shares, business or property Donations to charities or building funds  
            Income Protection Insurance    
            Superannuation Contributions  
OFFSET /  REFUNDS / OTHER                
Health Insurance and rebate entitlement statement          
IAS Statements or details of PAYG instalments paid          
Medical expenses for diability aids, attendant care or aged care        
Zone or overseas forces offset periods of residence          
Spouse details and taxable income              

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